If You Are New

Thank you for considering a visit to Park Slope United Methodist Church! Whether you are interested in joining us for worship or a community event, we welcome you as our honored guest.  We are located at the corner of Sixth Avenue and Eighth Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY.  We offer a loving, supportive, inclusive fellowship that celebrates the diversity of our neighboring community.   For more information, contact us at [email protected]


The Rev. Herb Miller, Pastor

The Rev. Kathryn Dickinson, Deacon, Minister of Spritual Life

Pam McAllister, Music Director

Michael Fram, Office Manager

Scott Lilly, Sunday School Director

Terry Von Ploennies, Childcare Provider

Rachel DeFluri, Childcare Provider

Alejandro Mendez, Sexton


Phone: 718-768-3093

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 9:30am-4:00pm