If You Are New

Thank you for considering a visit to Park Slope United Methodist Church! Whether you are interested in joining us for worship or a community event, we welcome you as our honored guest.  We are located at the corner of Sixth Avenue and Eighth Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY.  We offer a loving, supportive, inclusive fellowship that celebrates the diversity of our neighboring community.   For more information, contact us at [email protected]

Children and Youth

Kids trying on maskPhoto: Kelly Williams

PSUMC is blessed with creative, loving, curious, involved children. They are an integral part of the community, sometimes leading portions of the worship service and fully participating in the life of the church.

Adults in the church are constantly amazed and inspired by the children's willingness and desire to explore their faith and share in the fellowship of our church. PSUMC maintains a Sunday School and Youth Group and holds confirmation classes. The church also provides nursery care for very young children.

Sunday School

The Sunday School meets each Sunday during the school year during the regular service at approximately 11:15 A.M., following the children's sermon in the sanctuary. Together with the participation of many adults who do rotating shifts, the Sunday School explores faith and its connection with the world. In addition to studying scripture, the students are encouraged to become involved in the social action and community service activities of the church. There is an average weekly attendance of 15 students. The Sunday school is run as a cooperative with four teachers and four assistants holding separate classes divided by age group. The teachers also hold group classes where all the children work together. 

Youth Group

Students in middle and high school are welcome to be a part of PSUMC’s active and vibrant Youth Community. The focus of our Youth Group is to empower young people, build confidence and friendships through social activities, discussion, teamwork and service. The year is punctuated by monthly fun activities including a lock in, game nights, bowling, pizza making a Spring Retreat and more. PSUMC’s Youth Group provides a fun and safe social outlet for its members and their friends. In addition to the social aspect of the group, the youth are encouraged to attend regular Sunday services and quietly leave after the sermon to meet downstairs for a guided discussion. This unique experience gives the kids a chance to process and work through the message with a group of their peers. It is also a good opportunity to welcome any newcomers or visitors. Once a month the youth serve on one of PSUMC Sunday Dinner Teams. The kids work together as a team to help prepare, set up and serve a weekly meal for the hungry. This is also an opportunity for the youth to work along side other members of the congregation giving the youth a greater sense of belonging within the church community. In all of these activities the kids are encouraged to be themselves, explore their own gifts and discover how much they have to offer.

Nursery Care

Nursery care is available during worship for all children newborn to 3 years of age. Childcare is provided by two paid caregivers with occasional parent volunteers. The Nursery opens fifteen minutes prior to the beginning of worship for drop-off. Parents are also welcome to bring their children to the nursery at any time during the service. Parents are asked to pick up children immediately after the service.

Safe Sanctuaries Policy

It is the mission of PSUMC to provide a loving community for all of its members. This includes ensuring that the church is a safe place for all children and youth and for the adults that work with them. For this reason, a Safe Sanctuaries Policy has been developed. The goals of this policy are to protect children and youth from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, to protect the adults that work with them from false accusations, and to protect the church from litigation.

The policy has been developed with the input of many people from the congregation including the pastor, the lay leader, teachers and other adults who work with children and youth, parents, and a lawyer. Faithful attention has been given to both the needs of our children and youth and an appreciation for the commitment and good intentions of those who serve them. While no policy is perfect, we believe working together with adherence to the procedures and guidelines in this policy will go a long way towards building a safe environment for all of our members.