If You Are New

Thank you for considering a visit to Park Slope United Methodist Church! Whether you are interested in joining us for worship or a community event, we welcome you as our honored guest.  We are located at the corner of Sixth Avenue and Eighth Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY.  We offer a loving, supportive, inclusive fellowship that celebrates the diversity of our neighboring community.   For more information, contact us at [email protected]

Join us for PoP Up Theology, October 17 to be held at Johnnie Mack's

The discussion this week will take place at Johnnie Mack’s Bar and Grill (1114 8th Avenue

at 12th street). Our topic is: "Saved by the Blood of Jesus?”  Do you find the idea of someone dying for you offensive or life-saving? Is there a sense in which Jesus died for us? What is atonement? Join us for open and honest conversation about things that matter. The format is simple. We gather at Johnnie Mack’s for a fun, relaxed, and informal conversation on some topic related to faith, religion, or ethics. Everything is up for discussion: no assumptions, no barriers to entry, no theology you need to prescribe to, no correct answers.